Partners in Achievement is a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping children, adolescents and adults get to the root causes of learning and achievement struggles. We have been assessing and correcting processing problems and learning deficiencies in children, adolescents and adults for more than 14 years.

Through our programs at Partners in Achievement, we work to retrain cognitive functions that contribute to learning struggles. Weaknesses in cognitive skills are often the underlying causes of poor performance at school and work. We target these underlying issues in order to retrain the brain to learn more quickly and efficiently.

If you’ve tried traditional tutoring, or are considering it, have you ever asked yourself why tutoring is needed? Our programs are different from traditional tutoring in that we target the underlying reasons why tutoring is often needed in the first place. Instead of taking the “Band-Aid” approach of providing extra instruction in specific subject areas, we work to find out what is causing the struggle, and we FIX IT!

Our mission is simple: to help students “Build Better Brains” by addressing auditory and visual processing difficulties, attention problems, processing speed delays, and poor memory. These are often the root causes of learning struggles. We achieve our mission through well-founded, well-researched, proven processing skills training programs.

Darren Scheyer


Joseph Frey, III


At PIA, We Build Better Brains for Better Learning!