PIA and the PACE program came for us at a time when we were at the end of our rope and there was nothing left but tears. As a home-schooling family of 3 children, 2 of which knew success and the 1 in the middle constantly struggling, I knew something just was not right. For years we tried many different approaches to achieving success for our son. He had numerous tests and diagnoses; none of which were ever real answers or solutions. PIA was able to pinpoint exactly where the problems were and the PACE program allowed him to know success in a way that we never thought possible. The changes that we have seen are overall phenomenal. His ability to process information has been completely transformed. Our family is so very thankful to PIA and our Trainer for giving us our son back! What a blessing you all have been! Thank you.

Cathy L., Augusta, Georgia

PACE has been a wonderful blessing to my daughter and family. Over the last 3 months, I have seen Shelby’s confidence soar. Her self-esteem has also been given a lift. Shelby no longer gets frustrated with her schoolwork. Instead, she has improved in how she handles herself with her work. Her grades have improved and there are no longer fights about homework. She is following through on directions at home and at school. She is less argumentative as well. I feel PACE has opened up my daughters mind and will allow her to do whatever she decides to do in life.

Kim L., Martinez, Georgia

PACE has been a blessing for my daughter and for myself. The program has done above and beyond my expectations. The trainer was excellent to my daughter! Our trainer was caring and very knowledgeable at what she does. I would highly recommend this program to any parent and/or school. The office staff is courteous! My daughter is so confident about herself and what she is doing in school. Thank you all so much.

Pamela O., Grovetown, Georgia

PACE is an excellent program. I, as caretaker, have learned multiple activities that are both fun and educational. Because of this program, Christmas stocking stuffers contained a lot of these type activities. Blake has show improvement in school in math, but he is not where he is supposed to be math wise yet. I’ve seen improvement in handling multiple commands and carrying them out.

Pat H., Augusta, Georgia

We have seen a very big difference in our daughter’s behavior and overall self-esteem. Its easier to finish homework or any other task that involves reading or writing. Sidney did try to read School or Library books, but tried to get her information mostly from the pictures or the title. Now she will actually read the book and tries to understand the meaning of it. Big overall success!

Iris S., Evans, Georgia

I have seen an increase in my son’s self-esteem, and I’ve noticed he makes eye contact more often. He is a very pleasant and happy child. He seemed less frustrated with school and with homework. He also ended the year completing 4 to 5-page comprehension worksheets in class with little to no help. This was a great improvement from the first of the school year. Overall, PACE has been a very positive experience for my son.

Paula R., Augusta, Georgia