Frequently Asked Questions

My child has ADHD and has difficulty sitting still. Will she be able to do the activities in the PACE program sessions?

Yes. PACE sessions are fast-paced, interactive, and fun! Children, even those who tend to be restless and fidgety, are kept on task by their learning specialist who knows how to keep the PACE moving and keep their students challenged!

Will my child’s grades improve if we do PACE?

PACE is not a tutoring program. We do not teach subjects such as math and science. PACE strengthens the underlying skills that are needed to learn quickly and effectively. Learning will become easier and faster, but the learning still needs to take place. PACE does not replace instruction, study, and the work needed to achieve good grades.

My son is 16 and his skills are far behind those of his peers. Is it too late for him to achieve significant gains?

No. Even adults have increased their learning skills through PACE. It is never too late to make learning easier and more enjoyable. These skills are needed for classroom learning but are used every day in adult life too.

My daughter has been diagnosed with Dyslexia. Can PACE help her?

Absolutely. About a third of each PACE session is devoted to improving auditory processing the skills needed for reading comprehension. Through this work, children correct reversals and learn to automatically connect letters with their proper sounds.

My child still can not read. Will PACE teach her to read?

PACE improves the auditory processing skills that are needed for a student to be able to learn to read. Once the student’s auditory analysis skills are at an appropriate level, PIA offers Master the Code, a reading program, to students who require remedial reading instruction. The two programs combined can bring a non-reader into reading fluency.

What does the PACE program cost?

Remember that PACE is an intensive, one-on-one program with a trained learning specialist that produces visible results, fast! Enrollment in the PACE program includes the 1:1 training sessions, all materials, all necessary meetings, the post-test, the exit interview, and the 1-year follow-up. The cost is often much less than traditional tutoring programs. For those who need to pay over time, interest-free payment plans are available.

What is the cost of Master the Code?

The Master the Code materials cost $250. Some of this program can often be completed within the PACE program’s 36 sessions, depending on the student’s skill level. Additional sessions that are needed to complete Master the Code or to continue the skill building in PACE can be purchased in blocks of ten for $875.00.

How can I help my child succeed with PACE?

Parents are our partners. To keep the program affordable for most families and to involve parents in helping their children, PIA has taken a partnership approach to the PACE program. Your child will work with their learning specialist three times per week for an hour. Then, you will be responsible for conducting hour-long practice sessions at home three times per week, as well. The constant, daily exercising of their learning skills is how PACE delivers fast, significant gains in learning skills.