Master the Code

A revolutionary sound-based reading program

The following article will explain what sets Master The Code apart from all other reading programs and why we believe that the speed of learning to read and the quality of reading will be unmatched by any other reading system. Big claims, but we have already proven ourselves with the PACE (Processing And Cognitive Enhancement) program.


Since the dawn of creation, man has communicated through spoken language. For most children, in fact, the ability to talk naturally develops without formal instruction. Reading and writing are completely different entities, however.

A fundamental fact we must remember is that written language was developed in order to record our spoken language. Speech sounds are the foundation upon which the written code was formed. Speech sounds existed before written language and are audible, consistent, and in a sense real. They existed well before written language was developed and would continue to exist even if all written records of our civilization were destroyed. Letters in English are merely the arbitrary, manmade, unstable code that we use to represent speech sounds on paper. As with all codes, of course, English was designed to be reversible. You can write it into the code (encoding or spelling) and transfer it back (decoding or reading).

The key is to remember that sounds are the building block.