What is a cognitive skills gap?

This is simple. A cognitive skills gap occurs when a member of the work force is in a position for which they do not possess the specific type of brain power to handle the position. Does this mean the person is not intelligent? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Most individuals in a specific job have demonstrated the brain power to be in that job whether it is working for someone else or owning their own business. A cognitive skills gap does mean the person is missing a particular and specific set of skills that are needed for the job. Firing, demoting, or even walking away from the job is typically not an option for many reasons, among which are morale, personal commitments, trust and loyalty (not to mention, in some situations, legal problems). In addition, many managers are just too decent to take one of these alternatives.

Individuals with cognitive gaps often look like they lack motivation. They may be frequently behind in completing job tasks, they may forget important points of business conversations, have trouble understanding and implementing new policies, lack productivity, lose customer focus and business, or even leave customers thinking why they should return. And they don’t do these things on purpose.