What is V-SMART?

V-SMART is a high-octane cognitive training program that was developed from a rich heritage of applied cognitive neuroscience. Cognitive training programs have helped thousands of people improve their daily living and work potential by exercising weak areas of cognitive functioning and making them stronger, more focused and more efficient. This is how we fill cognitive gaps.

V-SMART is an acronym for the cognitive skills that we need to work at our potential and reach our goals. We can be successful without one, two, or even three of these skills until we come upon a task, job, or project that requires the skills we are missing. This is when a cognitive skills gap occurs.


Visual thinking and processing

People with this skill don’t miss the details. They see how things fit together. They appreciate order, organization, and flow. What could this add to your work force?



People with this skill do things fast and automatically. They can take notes, fill out forms accurately, and get their work done efficiently. They just process information more quickly and get their tasks done. Who on your work force clogs things up because they don’t deliver on time?



Some of us are limited by only doing one or two things at a time. So many tasks require tracking multiple sources of information like when we are talking to a customer and trying to understand what he or she is saying and read his/her facial expressions at the same time. How many opportunities are lost in your company because of this gap?


Auditory processing

This cognitive skill goes all the way back to grade school. Too many of us are slow and ineffective at reading and writing. Poor auditory processors have trouble listening. They avoid reading because they are slow and take too much time to finish. And they don’t remember what they have read. How could improved listening and reading skills add to your bottom line?


Recall and memory

We cover 3 types of memory: visual, auditory, and sequential. Memory skills help us remember the facts we need to close deals, finish projects, and impress our customers. Who do you know who could use more memory?



People with this skill can think on their feet. They can quickly categorize information. They make informed, accurate decisions. They see opportunities and take advantage of them. They understand what is said between the lines. Could better decision-making and on-the-spot thinking improve your profit margin?

V-Smart is:

  • A powerful cognitive training program for anyone who needs to sharpen, strengthen, and focus their brain to learn more effectively.
  • A revolutionary approach that knocks down barriers to using the full potential of our minds.
  • A set of stimulating brain-building exercises that fill gaps in cognitive skills to make even the most successful people more productive, more effective, and better problem solvers.